Cover Up Tattoo

Do not Make Mistakes To Not Make Cover Up Tattoo

General rule in making a tattoo is the size of the new tattoo designs must be greater than the previous tattoo. Do not aim too small to cover a stain or tattoo your long and got bored and wanted to replace the new. So make a new tattoo design will provide great opportunity to cover an old tattoo long you want to delete. This is a mistake if you are too hasty decision.
Too Light tattoo ink that is generally applied to the scale of light to dark. The point is that a tattoo with dark colors will be closed with the color lighter tattoo, the tattoo artist tattoo always start printing a dark color first. This applies generally covered by a dark tattoo colors bright. For example, if you have a tattoo of a red color then you use more bright colors like black or blue, not yellow or orange. Choosing the right colors will make you feel satisfied.

Detailed too are a big complaint to cover tattoos. The old tattoo still dominate the new tattoo. There are several reasons that appear as tattoos are used to cover the old tattoo. The idea of this tattoo is covering up the idea to hide the original design integrity as well as to show a new tattoo. There are ways to solve this problem by making new design details of the scale, replacing old lines with detail lines should be thick and bold with colors more in order to cover the old tattoo so that new tattoo will be visible and clearly readable.